Friday, June 11, 2010

And then I wrote about it...

I've always felt that badmouthing people is generally pretty immature... so... yeah... here goes:

So, this one time, I was with this person and we were talking...

And then suddenly out of nowhere and they were like: Blah blah blah blah stupid and offensive. 

And I was like: Woah. 

And they were all: Nah nah nah pthft. Nah stupid. 

And I was all: Nuh-uh! No way cuz it's just not like that. 

And then they were all: Well.... Mneeeh. Ahah ahah ah-stupid. 

And later, I felt bad that I had been so kind and rational.... 

It doesn't feel right to feel bad about NOT bitch slapping someone. And I feel as if I should apologize to anyone who would have been offended by their offensive stupidity. And for my inadequate defense against their offense. 

I'm sorry.

Basically, my peeps, I wa
s unwittingly behind enemy lines and I realized / remembered the ignorant are quite blissful and they like it that way. Also, If you poke their ignorance with a different perspective  - even one based on logic or facts or even love - they don't like it.

If there was a lesson in this, I hope I learned it - I feel as if I'm continuing to learn from it... I'm glad to be back on my side of the fence... where people drink coffee, have gauged ears and tattoos, swear, actually seek after knowledge, and narrow-mindedness shows itself in an intolerance for hate, and ignorance and exclusion rather than for tolerance, love and inclusion.



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