Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hey, look what I found...

This is actually a very old blog - my first in fact - under a different blog which is now completely defunct. Truth be told, I had completely forgotten that I even had that another blog until I came across it in an old "passwords" book. Oops. So... Without further ado, I present MY FIRST EVER BLOG:

Monday, August 7, 2006 | 3:49 pm

"Do you Blog?"

This was not the first time I had been asked this question. But it was the first time that I knew that the conversation wouldn't end when I replied, "No. Blogging's not really my thing."

"Okay" Sage, my sister, responded cheerily, "Will you help me set one up anyway?"

Now... I'm not really sure why this is but for some reason people think I have a vast knowledge of computers... this may be due impart to the fact that when my older brothers, and husband, who do have vast amounts of computer knowledge, start talking computer I am able to nod my head in such a way that it gives the impression I know what they are talking about. It's a pointless talent but it is one of my talents none-the-less.

"Sure." I said.

"Great." Sage smiled.

And I promptly forgot all about it. Until a couple of hours ago when she called. She had that tone... I recognized it immediately because I do it myself... it's the "I've gotten in over my head, I'm stuck and I need help even though I feel like I shouldn't... and I'm probably dumb for needing help but dumb is better than stuck so please help me." This tone is always accompanied by an excessively slow cadence... which... for... the... listener... is... a... bit... annoying... (Amazingly enough, even knowing this I still do it to others...)

"So... Laur..." She drawled. "Uh... what's an ftp server? and where do I get one?"

I decided that the best way to help her through this sticky mess was to walk her through it... the problem was I couldn't do it by looking over her shoulder. So... she detailed the steps she took to get to where she was... which was a step or two after sign-up... so... 20 minutes later, she was a brand new blogger and... so was I.

I was tempted to hit the "Delete this Blog" button at the bottom of the screen but I don't know, maybe curiosity had got the better of me or maybe it was that underlying belief that I have about there being no accidents... that everything happens for a reason... that I decided I'd give this blog thing a shot.

So now, when people ask me: "Do you Blog?"

I can say..."I guess..."

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